Acacia farnesiana

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Noun1.Acacia farnesiana - tropical American thorny shrub or small treeAcacia farnesiana - tropical American thorny shrub or small tree; fragrant yellow flowers used in making perfumery
genus Acacia - large genus of shrubs and trees and some woody vines of Central and South America, Africa, Australia and Polynesia: wattle; mimosa
acacia - any of various spiny trees or shrubs of the genus Acacia
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En el matorral de porte alto las especies que presentan los mayores valores registrados en abundancia dominancia e importancia fueron Prosopis glandulosa, Acacia amentacea, Havardia pallens, Acacia farnesiana, Parkinsonia texana y Celtis pallida, las cuales en conjunto suman 69.
It should be pointed out that flora from this scrub vegetation includes some disturbance indicating species such as: Acacia farnesiana (huizache) and Leucaena leucocephala, which were not dominant in the study area.
Branch girdling and oviposition biology of Oncideres pustulatus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) on Acacia farnesiana.
Estudio genecologico en Prosopis laevigata, Acacia farnesiana y Acacia schaffneri (leguminosae).
Woody species with high abundance and cover in the study area were Acacia rigidula, Acacia farnesiana, Havardia pallens, Cordia boissieri, Karwinskia humboldtiana, and Prosopis glandulosa (Gonzalez et al.
The goats have a very strong preference in the consumption of fruits of Cordia boissieri , Pithecellobium pallens, Acacia rigidula, Forestiera angustifolia, Acacia farnesiana and Celtis pallida.
One such example is Acacia farnesiana, which hails from tropical America and is typical of the genus in as much as it's a much-branched shrub with a spreading fashion.
Acacia farnesiana (huisache) is a small, spiny tree or shrub ranging from 2.
Oenothera rosea methanol extract, Sphaeralcea angustifolia chloroform extract, Acacia farnesiana, Larrea tridentata and Rubus coriifolius methanol extracts as well as the aqueous extract of Chamaedora tepejilote were demonstrated to be particularly active against the induced hind-paw edema.
La alta presencia de individuos de la familia Leguminosae como Acacia farnesiana y A.
Se colectaron nueve especimenes de Acacia farnesiana en el municipio de Autlan de Navarro, Jalisco, Mexico.