açaí palm

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a·ça·í palm

(ä-sä-ē′) or as·sai palm (ä-sī′)
1. A tall slender palm (Euterpe oleracea) found in coastal and lowland regions in northern South America. It is harvested for hearts of palm, and its small purple fruits are processed into juice and nutritional supplements.
2. Any of several other South American palms of the genus Euterpe.

[Portuguese açaí, from Tupí *ïwasai.]
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The acai pulp is extracted from the eatable part of the acai palm fruit, using water and depulper; it must be preserved with physical processes (pasteurization) and addition of citric acid; the use of chemical preservatives or colorings is prohibited, excepting the colouring obtained from the acai fruit itself (BRAZIL, 2000).
To date, acai, the fruit of the acai palm from the Amazon forest, ranks highest in the fruit kingdom.
Considering that the acai palm has its center of dispersion in the Amazonian lowlands and that soil water availability is not limiting due to the daily floods caused by the tides (Parolin et al.
Acai, reddish-purple berries from the acai palm are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.
This is the fruit of the acai palm, which forms large groves along the Amazon river banks.
In the lip makeup category, wet n wild is introducing MegaSlicks Lip Balm Stain, available in six shades with a conditioning formula enriched with Acai palm oil.