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a.1.Without a heart; as, an acardiac fetus.
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Para la construccion del algoritmo, se realizo una busqueda de literatura en las bases de datos Hinari y Pubmed con las palabras clave: acardiac twin, conjoined twins, congenital teratoma, fetus in fetus, macerated co-twin.
ACARDIAC surgeon who inserted a heart valve the wrong way round has told his patient's inquest that stitches snapped at a crucial time.
Instead, Jo and Arizona intend to insert a probe and remove the acardiac twin's connection to her unborn baby.
A case report and literature review regarding acardiac twin pregnancy coexisting with anencephalic twin, associated with being exposed to chicken pox during the first trimester of pregnancy
In twin reversed arterial perfusion sequence, occlusion of the vessel in the acardiac twin can be achieved by an embolisation coil, by bipolar cautery or by laser.
Reported anomalies include midline defects, cloacal abnormalities, neural tube defects, ventral wall defects, craniofacial abnormalities, conjoined twins, and acardiac twins.
Upon arrival, the patient was rushed to the Acardiac Room of the E.
Since the acardiac twin would not survive," reported the surgeons in the Massachusetts case, "the incision for separation was performed far toward her side of the fusion plane so that her tissue could be used to achieve complete closure of the ventral defect in the surviving twin.
Color doppler ultra sonography in the identification of communicating vessels in twin-twin transfusion syndrome and acardiac twins.
ACARDIAC surgeon yesterday told an inquest how a heart valve came to be inserted into a patient the wrong way round.
Foetus in foetu and acardiac monster: can the similar patterns of these two malformations be explained by a common morphological mechanism?