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n. pl. ac·a·ri (-rī′)
A mite, especially one of the genus Acarus.

[New Latin Acarus; see acarid.]


n, pl -ri (-ˌraɪ)
(Animals) any of the free-living mites of the widely distributed genus Acarus, several of which, esp A. siro, are serious pests of stored flour, grain, etc
[C17: New Latin, from Greek akari a small thing, a mite]


(ˈæk ər əs)

n., pl. -a•ri (-əˌraɪ)
a mite, esp. of the genus Acarus.
[1650–60; < New Latin < Greek ákari mite]
ac′a•roid`, adj.
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Noun1.acarus - any of several mites of the order Acarinaacarus - any of several mites of the order Acarina
Acarina, order Acarina - mites and ticks
mite - any of numerous very small to minute arachnids often infesting animals or plants or stored foods