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 (ăk′ăd′, ä′käd′)
See Akkad.


(Placename) a variant spelling of Akkad


or Ac•cad

(ˈæk æd, ˈɑ kɑd)

1. an ancient region in Mesopotamia, the N division of Babylonia.
2. a city in this region: capital of the Akkadian empire c2350–2200 b.c.
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Michel Accad became Chief Executive Officer of ABK in May 2014.
In the latest in our CEO Leadership series, Banker Middle East turns the spotlight on ABK's Group CEO, Michel Accad.
Accad uses the device of an imaginary dialogue between Socrates and Professor Rose.
Accad received his award at the 'CEO Middle East Awards 2016' ceremony, in Dubai, on September 20, 2016.
Prepared by Camille Accad - For more information please visit: www.
With this appointment, he replaces Michel Accad who stepped down as CEO of Gulf Bank in January, due to personal reasons.
It gave no quarterly figures and did not give details on who would succeed Chief Executive Michel Accad, announced in October that he was resigning for personal reasons.
The buyer was HH Really Equities, a local owner headed by Solmi Accad and Ariel Akkad.
El Accad said when parents are in a supermarket they are anxious about their children straying from them.
Michel Accad, the chief executive of Kuwait's Gulf Bank, has resigned from his post for personal reasons, the lender said in a bourse statement on Sunday.
In 1986 Mahmoud Ayoub concluded that the Qur'an accuses Jews and Christians of altering the truths contained in their respective scriptures, not of altering the texts themselves; and in 2003 Martin Accad suggested that it would be useful to reconstruct the process whereby the understanding of tahry' by Muslims shifted from its Qur'anic sense of the failure of Jews and Christians to understand the meaning of their respective scriptures to its classical sense of the alteration of the texts of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.
Fixed points for mappings which are not necessarily continuous, Atti Accad.