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 (ăk′ə-dē′mē-ə, -dā′-)
The academic community; academe.

[New Latin acadēmīa, from Latin, the Academy; see academy.]


(Education) the academic world


(ˌæk əˈdi mi ə, -ˈdim yə, -ˈdɛm i ə, -ˈdɛm yə)

the academic world; academe.
[1945–50; < New Latin, Latin]
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Noun1.academia - the academic worldacademia - the academic world      
world, domain - people in general; especially a distinctive group of people with some shared interest; "the Western world"
college - the body of faculty and students of a college
university - the body of faculty and students at a university
tenure - give life-time employment to; "She was tenured after she published her book"


noun academic life, learning, scholarship, academe (literary), university life, the groves of Academe (literary) strong links between industry and academia


[ˌækəˈdiːmɪə] nmonde m universitaire
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The scores awarded for each of the IC criteria rise as the number of languages spoken by the student, their accademic level, and their level of mobility increases.
Tenders are invited for construction of accademic and administrative block for grft high school valiyathura in thiruvananthapuram district
30) On Ross' vicissitudes concerning the rejection of his first Doctoral thesis at the University of Copenhagen, his later doctoral defense at the University of Uppsala and the influence of the figure of Hagerstrom upon his accademic life, see the in-depth biography of J.
The accademic gatherin is set to be held in Deling from 30 of current March until the first of next April.
For instance, "Casa Lombarda" groups different economic (Assolombarda, Union Camere Lombardia, Finlombarda) and accademic (Politecnico di Milano, Universite Cattolica) actors.