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or Ac•ca•di•an

(əˈkeɪ di ən, əˈkɑ-)

1. an extinct eastern Semitic language of Assyria and Babylonia, written in a cuneiform syllabary borrowed from Sumerian.
2. a native or inhabitant of Akkad.
3. of or pertaining to the language Akkadian.
4. of or pertaining to Akkad or its inhabitants.
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4,21) echoes Accadian sarru mbit, Iranian xsayaoiya vazrka; the lion capital and the thousand-pillar hall of the Mauryas are based on Western models.
He traces and translates the Sumerian, Accadian, Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin root word origins and meanings.
The Phoenix Rising tells the story of a time of change for the Alliance of Worlds and its war battles with the Varlon and Accadian forces.