Accelerated motion

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(Mech.) motion with a continually increasing velocity.

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My stomach had decided there was no way I was missing this meal, so I pretty much sat on that table till my mouth swallowed, in accelerated motion, the meal that drove me insane in solitude.
The subject of this order is the delivery of medical and laboratory equipment, divided into 11 parts of the order, hereinafter referred to as packages 1 to 11: package 1: haemodynamic monitor - cardiac output; package 2: mechanical respirator for small rodents; package 3: continuous glucose monitoring system with sensors; package 4: worktop hood; package 5: accelerated motion analysis system; package 6: syringe pump with calculation of mass units; package 7: peristaltic pump; p
The most common movements of the aircraft are uniform motion and accelerated motion, this paper mainly analyzes the influence of the accelerometer errors on position error and velocity error in these two kinds of motion.
For the time step from the state n-1 to the state n, from the equation of equally accelerated motion, the traveled distance can be obtained by equations (13).
Jha [12] presented analytic investigation of uniform transverse magnetic field effect on the free-convection and mass-transform flow of an electrically conducting fluid past an infinite vertical plate for uniformly accelerated motion of the plate through a porous medium.

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