Accelerating force

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the force which causes accelerated motion.

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Its spirit of competitivess is an accelerating force that inspires the human capital to innovate and push for the highest productivity levels.
It's her Once EP, in particular, that's proving to be the accelerating force behind her rise.
Usually, the characteristic curve [F.sub.m](v) of an internal combustion engine (that is similar to its torque curve), is different from the optimal driving force [([F.sub.m]).sub.opt] This fact could determine that the accelerating force [F'] available at a certain velocity is lower than the optimal one ([]).
"It's an accelerating force; it happens faster and faster; it's perpetually changing; it enriches our lives," said.
The inertial force, also known as the G-force, is the force produced by the reaction of the body to an accelerating force, equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.
The term dark energy is used to signify the mysterious accelerating force.
Today, however, it's a surprisingly strong enterprise that's been improving incrementally and, most recently, with accelerating force. The real news is that teacher education is now entering an era of intense intellectual inquiry, scientific investigation, and rapid advancement.
In the equation (1) [F.sub.a] is resultant accelerating force [N], [F.sub.m] is magnetic force [N], [F.sub.g] is gravity force [N].
Ultimately, accelerating force transformation can make it far more difficult and expensive for adversaries even to develop effective disruptive challenges in the first place.
The magnitude of the accelerating force is directly proportional to the electric current and the intensity of the magnetic field.