Accelerating force

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the force which causes accelerated motion.

See also: Accelerate

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The aim of the fund is to harness technological disruption for the benefit of the Group, said Henri de Castries, chairman and CEO of AXA, Through AXA Strategic Ventures, we will leverage our global reach, capital and scale to serve as an accelerating force for start-up companies which have the potential to bring new approaches to the insurance model.
The inertial force, also known as the G-force, is the force produced by the reaction of the body to an accelerating force, equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.
The term dark energy is used to signify the mysterious accelerating force.
Ultimately, accelerating force transformation can make it far more difficult and expensive for adversaries even to develop effective disruptive challenges in the first place.
The magnitude of the accelerating force is directly proportional to the electric current and the intensity of the magnetic field.
I have no idea why," he says now, but the answer is pretty obvious: Barner might as well have been in a car crash, given the accelerating forces that met with violent impact.
There are many safety issues attributed to barefoot running due to the dynamic accelerating forces generated by the treadmill upon initial heel strike.
Coverage includes the accelerating forces of change faced by businesses today and the new role HR can play, change programs initiated by organizations, companywide and individual "change-readiness," a systematic eight-step approach for a successful change initiative, implementation of change management, employee responses and how HR personnel can help employees adapt to change, continuous change, unique challenges to HR personnel, and HR as change agent.
Because there are no accelerating forces on the workpiece, workholding is reduced to a minimum, and in some cases unnecessary