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Noun1.service of process - the act of delivering a writ or summons upon someone; "he accepted service of the subpoena"
bringing, delivery - the act of delivering or distributing something (as goods or mail); "his reluctant delivery of bad news"
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The acceptance of service robots for surgical applications has improved their usage, particularly in minimally invasive surgeries, as they reduce scarring and allow remote access.
* Familiarity with the Internet, improvements in security, and broader acceptance of service alternatives all are increasing.
Main functions of the S-CSCF are: a) acceptance of registration requests from UE (signalling with HSS needed), b) provides controlling procedures for registered UE sessions, it means that UE's capabilities is not limited and may vary (we do not evaluate this option here), c) interacts with application platforms for different services, also with service event registration platforms, as billing services etc., d) performs acceptance of service requests, forwards these requests further if needed, e) performs termination or generation of SIP transactions.
"It is clear, pursuant to both Pohlers and New York State Insurance Law [section]1212, that the Respondents have already consented to acceptance of service of process by the Superintendent of Insurance by filing the power of attorney.
He also sees "a reduction of new capacity coming online and a growing acceptance of service delivery within seniors housing and care."
Now, with the growth and acceptance of service providers, guaranteeing service-level agreements (SLAs) requires tools that cannot only ensure end-user availability and performance on demand, but provide a level of trust that a business is in good hands through a service provider.
Ethnic and cultural differences among the counties resulted in lack of acceptance of service providers in some areas.

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