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1. also ac·cept·er One who signs a draft or bill of exchange.
2. Chemistry An atom that accepts or incorporates a part from a donor, especially an atom that incorporates electrons to form a bond with another atom.


1. (Banking & Finance) commerce the person or organization on which a draft or bill of exchange is drawn after liability has been accepted, usually by signature
2. (Electronics) electronics Also called: acceptor impurity an impurity, such as gallium, added to a semiconductor material to increase its p-type conductivity by increasing the number of holes in the semiconductor. Compare donor5
3. (Electronics) electronics a circuit tuned to accept a particular frequency
4. (Chemistry) chem the atom or group that accepts electrons in a coordinate bond


(ækˈsɛp tər)

1. one that accepts; accepter.
2. a person who acccepts for payment a draft or bill of exchange.
3. an atom that receives a pair of electrons to form a chemical bond.
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Noun1.acceptor - (chemistry) in the formation of a coordinate bond it is the compound to which electrons are donatedacceptor - (chemistry) in the formation of a coordinate bond it is the compound to which electrons are donated
chemical science, chemistry - the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions
chemical compound, compound - (chemistry) a substance formed by chemical union of two or more elements or ingredients in definite proportion by weight
2.acceptor - the person (or institution) who accepts a check or draft and becomes responsible for paying the party named in the draft when it maturesacceptor - the person (or institution) who accepts a check or draft and becomes responsible for paying the party named in the draft when it matures
drawee - the person (or bank) who is expected to pay a check or draft when it is presented for payment


[əkˈseptəʳ] Naceptador(a) m/f (Comm) → aceptante mf
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The nine-year-old, winner of the OLBG Mares Hurdle at Cheltenham in 2016 and runner-up to Apple's Jade in that race last year, was a notable absentee from the acceptors for the 2018 renewal at yesterday's six-day forfeit stage.
The event has seven acceptors, of whom three come in to reckoning on their past performance and being traditionally good over the race distance.
AFPI's partner in Germany is one of the leading suppliers of vending machine coin acceptors in the world,' AFPI said in a statement on Friday.
Rain Goddess, runner-up in the Sandringham Handicap at Royal Ascot last week, and the maiden Pocketfullofdreams are the other Ballydoyle fillies among the 14 acceptors for the 1m2f event, which O'Brien won with Minding a year ago and with Diamondsandrubies in 2015.
The NREL researchers strategically partnered with colleagues at Colorado State University to take advantage of expertise at each institution in producing donors and acceptors with well-defined and highly tunable energy levels: semiconducting SWCNT donors at NREL and fullerene acceptors at CSU.
Out of the 551 new acceptors, Bauko listed the highest number with 172 followed by Bontoc with 140.
The BORCOM project will use this methodology to deliver novel molecules and polymers that exhibit high electron affinities and small band gaps by functionalization of azole or azine containing acceptors in the conjugated backbone.
However, the small absorption overlap with the solar spectrum limits the photocurrent generation in fullerene acceptors, and their deep energy level for electron conduction limits the open-circuit voltage.
Electron acceptors of the fluorene series are known for their ability to increase the photoconductivity of semi-conductive polymers and are widely used as sensitizers for hole transport materials and as electron transport materials.
Donor--acceptor--pair luminescence radiation is used, which in its dependence on the pair separation distance reflects the geometrical arrangement of neighboring delta-doped layers provided both donors and acceptors are present in each sheet.
In addition, handbill acceptors were more likely to be female, younger, and to have had secondary or tertiary education.
The workflow then triggers notification e-mails to the acceptors, certifiers, or pay officials, depending on the type of invoice.