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v. con·cen·trat·ed, con·cen·trat·ing, con·cen·trates
a. To direct or draw toward a common center; focus.
b. To bring into one main body: Authority was concentrated in the president.
2. To make (a solution or mixture) less dilute.
a. To converge toward or meet in a common center.
b. To increase by degree; gather: "Dusk began to concentrate into full night" (Anthony Hyde).
2. To direct one's thoughts or attention: We concentrated on the task before us.
A product that has been concentrated, especially a food that has been reduced in volume or bulk by the removal of liquid: pineapple juice concentrate.

[From concenter.]

con′cen·tra′tive adj.
con′cen·tra′tive·ly adv.
con′cen·tra′tor n.


n concentrador m; oxygen — concentrador de oxígeno
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However, the multimegabit access concentrator protects users against such failures.
In these regions, ECI had the highest shipments of Multiservice Access Concentrator ports in 3Q 2005, making it the #1 vendor in these strategic, fast-growing markets.
One of the most compelling technological developments driving the analysts' estimates is access concentrator technology, which provides the benefits of DSL without the conventional technical and economic constraints.
Lucent will also be demonstrating standards-based Ethernet interworking with its CBX 3500(TM) Multiservice Edge Switch, the PacketStar(TM) PSAX Multiservice Media Gateway, the Stinger(R) DSL Access Concentrator, and Riverstone's RS 8000 Aggregation Router and 15008 Ethernet Edge Router.
Lucent's access concentrator leads the market in density measured in number of doors per cabinet, accommodating 3,024 ports, which enables cost savings and infrastructure optimization in the implementation of the network.
The company pioneered multi-service access concentrator technology in 1993, which was used in a successful line of ATM Access Concentrator products that connect voice, video and data traffic with public ATM services and private WANs.
WARSAW, Poland -- Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU) announced today that it has delivered its 2500th Stinger(R) DSL broadband access concentrator to Telekomunikacja Polska (TP) to support its nationwide neostrada tp and internet DSL tp broadband access offers for individual and business subscribers.
Paradyne (Nasdaq:PDYN) this week launched its Remote Broadband Access Concentrator (BAC) featuring ADSL2+ with shipments underway.
New Access Concentrator and Access Portal Fully Extend the Benefits of an MPLS Core Network to the Subscriber
Paradyne, (Nasdaq:PDYN), a leading provider of broadband voice, data and video network access solutions, announced today that Telekom Serbia has selected Paradyne's Broadband Access Concentrator to deploy business-class broadband services over DSL.
Paradyne (Nasdaq:PDYN) today unveiled its next-generation Broadband Access Concentrator featuring support for the widest range of voice and data services over broadband available in the market today.
Paradyne Broadband Access Concentrator and Standards-Based DSL for