n.1.The quality of being accidental; accidentalness.
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The real also possesses external existence; this presents itself arbitrarily, accidentality, like in nature exist in no particular order trees, houses, plants.
In sum, "In the demonstration of the causal proposition, on the contrary, dependence is positively proved through the accidentality of existence to the thing, and dependence on something else is proved through the priority of existence.
The event thus described acquires a quality of accidentality and, as Maldonado puts, it "goes counter to the expected conceptualization.
When we think about knowledge, however, if we have learned our lessons from the Gettier literature, our focus turns elsewhere immediately: we think about the possibility of fortuitousness, of accidentality, of being right only by chance.
A textual distribution suggestive of systematicity rather than of accidentality, the church gets" invoked twice squarely in the middle of the story.
It is not easy to explicate the notion of accidentality here.
A second important aspect to Stiegler's thesis is his understanding of technics as accidentality.
bar]man); (2) container of a pure existence that is preceded by pure non-existence and that transcends the horizon of extension and non-existence and belongs to immutahies insofar as they arc immutable while embracing actuality is perpetuity (dahr); (3) container of a pure Real immutable Existence absolutely devoid of accidentality of change and transcendent above any sense of being preceded by nonexistence, pure and sheer activity, is eternity (sarmad).
The restoration of the content of religion as a spiritual content, as I will try to show below, "the release" of the subject of finitude and accidentality, of the relation with the absolute from the presupposition of their differentiation takes place through the "transition" from non-mediated to mediated cognition, through the mediation of the forms of thought entailed by the concept.
his answer echoed what were becoming commonplaces: the decline in religion, the "instability of the forms of social life," political tensions, and the anarchy of production and consumption (as in many writings, capitalism was unnamed but often implicitly present), which all "give rise to accidentality and incoherence.
Accidentality from Mucocutaneous Exposure to Biological Fluids Among Clinical Laboratory Professionals
And therefore we must reject from the Islamic point of view the accidentality of the origin of life.