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credit - money available for a client to borrow
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To be effective, accommodative monetary policy needed more work done on the strengthening of commercial banks.
She observed that insufficient impetus to rebuild the strength of commercial banks has prevented accommodative monetary policy.
Stephen Long, MD, Moody's Financial Institutions Group in Asia Pacific, said, 'We consider that this stable outlook is driven mainly by the region's economic resilience; its relatively accommodative monetary policy; and the banks' own strong liquidity when compared to global norms, as well as their relatively robust capital buffers.'
The central bank of South Korea has said that it would slowly withdraw its accommodative monetary policy.
monetary policy receded after Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke indicated Wednesday the central bank would maintain its accommodative monetary policy, brokers said.
It is also necessary to be cautious on the possibility of an imbalance in the economy due to a prolonged accommodative monetary policy.'
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke suggested that the central bank would continue its accommodative monetary policy for the time being.