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n.1.He who, or that which, accompanies.
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He explained: "I spent three months there as an ecumenical accompanier in the Nablus area of the West Bank.
Jayakiran Sebastian attempts to view Christ as a guide who stands aside, as an accompanier.
Linda was on the ecumenical accompanier programme in Palestine and Israel (Eappi), which was established by the World Council of Churches in response to a plea from the churches in Jerusalem for an international presence to witness what was happening to the Palestinians.
When I learned that Pastor Amy Kienzle would spend from February to May 2011 as an Ecumenical Accompanier in the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel, a ministry of the World Council of Churches, I immediately sought to secure her reflections and perspective for these Preaching Helps.
A demonstration' of the client's predicament would be inappropriate, for the business of therapists is not to attack the problem with the verve of analytical philosophers, but rather to be a sympathetic accompanier and an aid to someone in distress.
The role of each Ecumenical Accompanier is to be a witness to human rights violations as outlined in the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the fourth Article of the Geneva Convention.
Lunga Lungile Magqwagqwa ka Siboto, bishop of the Ethiopian Episcopal Church from South Africa, reflected on his experience as ecumenical accompanier in Israel and Palestine: "A cloud of witnesses.
Indeed, one Canadian accompanier was instrumental in initiating a witness/observer project in an Aboriginal community asserting lobster fishing rights in Nova Scotia (p.
If the presence and non-violent intervention (if necessary) of an accompanier is not itself sufficient to deter the kidnapping, beating, or assassination of the person accompanied, then the accompanier at least acts as witness, and calls on international human rights action networks.
I've recently spent three months living and working as an ecumenical accompanier in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.
This is too much of a cost-benefit analysis for me, [and] I don't think a lot of biblical teaching would make it through a cost-benefit analysis," says Joel Carillet, a World Council of Churches accompanier serving near Jenin.