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6 January 2014 --US-based Square 1 Bank said that it has acquired substantially all of the assets and hired all employees of Silicon Valley-based accounts receivable financing solutions provider Sand Hill Finance LLC.
The agreement, if completed will provide Universal and NDR Energy with additional working capital and accounts receivable financing for a period of 2 years.
The Commercial Finance Association's latest report, through the third quarter of 2008, indicates that accounts receivable financing continues to bolster small businesses.
The accounts receivable financing program sells an interest in certain receivables of G-P's domestic business to banks and other entities.
Additional methods of financing include leasing, letters of credit, accounts receivable financing, factoring, inventory financing and trade credit.
The authors laud LSQ Funding Group for its accounts receivable financing service model that delivers unprecedented speed, transparency and humanity.
TAB Bank offers asset-based lending, accounts receivable financing, capital lease financing, equipment credits, business accounts and commercial banking services.

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