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n. pl. la·pil·li (-pĭl′ī′)
A small, solidified fragment of lava.

[Latin, diminutive of lapis, stone.]
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Others include that they may be accretionary lapilli formed in volcanic ash eruptions, impact spherules formed in impact events, or devitrification spherules resulting from formation of crystals from formerly melted material.
Further indication of a meteorite impact is given by the occurrence of impact melt rocks, various rock glasses (Figure 4), heavy deformations of the Quaternary cobbles and boulders, accretionary lapilli, the ejecta blanket around the Tuttensee crater, and strange matter in the form of iron silicides such as gupeiite and xifengite, and various carbides, e.
grained pyroclastic, with abundant 2 cm accretionary lapilli, coarse chrome