depreciation allowance

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Noun1.depreciation allowance - an allowance for loss due to depreciation
allowance, adjustment - an amount added or deducted on the basis of qualifying circumstances; "an allowance for profit"
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So you can imagine my disappointment to learn that the film is not a fearless examination of corporate finance and accumulated depreciation but a run-of-the-mill action thriller in which Affleck, an unusually good-looking accountant, gets caught up in the activities of a criminal syndicate and lots of people get shot at.
Tenders are invited for Fixed Asset Identification, Appraisal andValuation to determine the cost and accumulated depreciation of the City~s capital assetas set forth by the capital asset reporting requirements of Governmental AccountingStandards Board (GASB) statement, to establish a property control tracking system, and to provide the means for accomplishing current regulatory reporting requirement including the calculation of future depreciation and managing a sustainable asset replacement program.
1245 or 1250 gain, depending on the asset type, because the asset's accumulated depreciation is also reduced by the amount of accumulated depreciation attributable to the portion of the asset disposed.
Accumulated depreciation over the entire life of the firm totaled more than $1.
5 million purchase price was related to the original HVAC system, and that current accumulated depreciation related to the original HVAC system is $60,000.
uCarrying amount: the amount at which an asset is recognised in the balance sheet after deducting accumulated depreciation and accumulated impairment losses.
000 25,000 Buildings 125,000 125,000 Building improvements 99,620 94,504 Equipment 66,877 66,877 316,497 311,381 Less: accumulated depreciation (270,974} (264,412) Total Fixed Assets, net 45,523 46,969 INVESTMENTS 183,470 164,552 OTHER ASSETS: Certificates of deposit 175,000 50,000 Intangibles 13,194 13,194 Less: accumulated amortization (13,194) (13,194) Total Other Assets, net 175,000 50,000 $623,742 $575,641 LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS 2012 2011 CURRENT LIABILITIES: Growth and Development Fund payable $ 10,000 ISNAP Assistance Fund payable 2,711 4,229 Rent deposits payable 251 834 Accrued payroll and withholdings 13,226 8,923 Accrued property taxes 3,300 3,300 Accrued ISNAP expenses 44,013 44,013 Accrued paid time off 34,802 29.
Once a company has chosen this policy, it may continue to carry its assets at historical cost (less accumulated depreciation and impairment losses), no matter how much they increase in value.
The IFRS-related functions in this project include revenue recognition operation, fixed asset allocation, accumulated depreciation, as well as cash flow statement under the direct method.
accounting requirements that require the value of real estate investments be reported using historical cost and accumulated depreciation.
Cost model: after recognition as an asset, an item of PP&E shall be carried at its cost less any accumulated depreciation and any accumulated impairment losses.
The fixed assets which the company intends to replace, as of 30 September 2010, minus the accumulated depreciation, are valued at approximately USD40m.

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