Ace bandage

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Ace Bandage

US an elasticated bandage used to restrict blood flow to the site of an injury and so reduce inflammation
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Ace′ band′age

an elasticized bandage, usu. in a continuous strip, for securely binding an injured wrist, knee, etc.
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Patients will say, 'Don't you come near me with those TED hose.' If you're in that situation, tell them to use an Ace wrap with light compression and each day tighten the Ace wrap a little more until they are able to use TED hose with minimal discomfort.
Use RICE: 4 Simple Steps to a Speedy Recovery, which are Rest (stop doing whatever caused the injury, move injured area as little as possible); Ice (placing ice on the injured area will decrease swelling and promote healing) for 10 to 20 minutes, always checking skin for frostbite -- be careful; Compression (another way to decrease swelling is by compressing the injured area) using an Ace wrap and wrapping from the area farthest from your heart going up towards your heart; and Elevate (the final way to decrease swelling and promote healing is to elevate the injured body part so it is above your heart).
We can't use a sling or an ACE wrap (well, you can, but you'll look weird and it won't help.) Resting a brain means, well, brain rest: no intellectual work, no school, no physical exercise.