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A semiautonomous region and former sultanate of northwest Sumatra, Indonesia. The first part of Indonesia to convert to Islam (c. 13th century), Aceh was the site of a secessionist insurgency from the 1970s until the signing of a peace agreement with the national government in 2005. In 2004, Aceh was devastated by a severe tsunami that killed over 100,000 people.

A′ceh·nese′ (-nēz′, -nēs′) n. & adj.


(Placename) an autonomous region of N Indonesia, in N Sumatra; mountainous with rain forests; scene of separatist conflict since the later 1990s; coastal areas suffered badly in the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004. Capital: Banda Aceh. Pop: 3 930 905 (2000). Area: 55 392 sq km (21 381 sq miles)
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Trisno Rianto said the Vietnamese were caught as they left the forest in Aceh province on Sunday with a vehicle filled with agarwood.
A key aide to Myanmar President Thein Sein is visiting Indonesia's Aceh province to learn about the peace process in the once-restive province, a local government official and the state-run news agency Antara reported Friday.
Joe Kearsley, aged 30, was visiting his parents David and Wendy at their home in Cheltenham when the tsunami hit the coast of Aceh Province in Sumatra, where Mr Kearsley has farmed and fished for two-and-a-half years.
A POWERFUL bomb during a concert at a crowded night market killed 10 New Year's Eve revellers,including three children,and injured 45 in Indonesia's Aceh province.
Ten members of the separatist Free Aceh Movement (GAM) have been killed in several clashes with the Indonesian military across troubled Aceh Province, a military official said Friday.
Medan, North Sumatra, Jumada II 1, 1433, Apr 22, 2012, SPA -- An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.0 on the Richter scale shook Simeulue regency in Aceh province, on Sunday at 10.17 am local time, ANTARA reported.
The prosecutors allege that Bashir helped set up and fund the camp, discovered last year in Aceh province, as a part of his struggle to establish an Islamic state in the country.
A powerful bomb during a concert at a crowded night market killed ten New Year's Eve revellers, including three children, and injured 45 in Indonesia's Aceh province.
Lesley McCulloch, 40, from Dunoon, was arrested 11 days ago along with an American nurse and their translator for alleged visa violations in the country's war-torn Aceh province. Ms McCulloch's mother, Mattie, who has written to the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, said more needed to be done to free her daughter.
Jakarta, Rabi'I 8, 1433, Jan 31, 2012, SPA -- An earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale jolted Simeulue, Aceh province, Monday evening, the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) said here on Monday night.
Two German tourists shot by troops in Aceh province were 'stupid' for taking a holiday in a war zone, Indonesian's army chief of staff has said.
JAKARTA, Muharram 13, 1433, Dec 8, 2011, SPA -- The governor of Indonesia's Aceh province has breached a ban on clearing forests that is at the heart of a $1 billion climate deal with Norway, earning a rebuke by a senior government official on Thursday, according to Reuters.