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1. Biology Headless or lacking a clearly defined head: acephalous worms.
2. Having no leader.

[From Medieval Latin acephalus, from Greek akephalos : a-, without; see a-1 + kephalē, head; see -cephalous.]


1. (Biology) biology Also: acephalic having no head or one that is reduced and indistinct, as certain insect larvae
2. having or recognizing no ruler or leader
[C18: via Medieval Latin from Greek akephalos. See a-1, -cephalic]


(eɪˈsɛf ə ləs)

1. Also, a•ce•phal•ic (ˌeɪ səˈfæl ɪk) headless; lacking a distinct head.
2. without a leader or ruler.
[1725–35; < Greek aképhalos; see a-6, -cephalous]


- A manuscript lacking a beginning could be called acephalous.
See also related terms for manuscript.
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Adj.1.acephalous - lacking a head or a clearly defined headacephalous - lacking a head or a clearly defined head; "acephalous worms"
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
headless - not having a head or formed without a head ; "the headless horseman"; "brads are headless nails"


[əˈsefələs] ADJacéfalo
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Marthe is an apparently female but acephalic form disfigured by waxy excrescences, bodily limbs transforming into fibrous, barkless tendrils.
a) the original egalitarian spirit of the Arabs embodied in Islam set against the later and essentially alien forms of kingship and imperial domination, (b) the antagonism between the acephalic Sunni scholars and any overreaching state authority, (c) the reduction of all legitimate governance since creation to "God's rule," (d) the notion of the Sharia as a self-enclosed entity, and (e) the exaggeration of the normative monopoly of the caliphate.
This double-folded immersion in the conch is a return to omphalos, to the concentric life of the acephalic mollusk, which recovers the innocence of the child like androgyne by returning to the womb at the originary state in which chromosomes have not yet been sorted out.
An aberrant acephalic metacestode and other parasites of Masticophis flagellum (Reptilia: Serpentes) from Texas.
INTRODUCTION: Acardiac Acephalic twin occurs as a rare phenomenon in monochorionic pregnancies with an incidence of one in 35,000 births.