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n. Southwestern US
An irrigation canal.

[Spanish, from Arabic as-sāqiya : al-, the + sāqiya, irrigation ditch, feminine active participle of saqā, to give to drink; see šqy in Semitic roots.]


(əˈseɪkjə; əˈseɪkɪə)
a ditch for irrigation


(əˈseɪ ki ə)

n., pl. -qui•as. Southwestern U.S.
an irrigation ditch.
[1835–45, Amer.; < Sp < Arabic al-sāqiyah the irrigation ditch]
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In 2006, the Northern New Mexico Acequia Association formed Sembrando Semillas (Planting Seeds), a youth program committed to training the future farmers and ranchers who will keep the acequia tradition alive and well.