Acer platanoides

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Noun1.Acer platanoides - a large Eurasian maple tree naturalized in North AmericaAcer platanoides - a large Eurasian maple tree naturalized in North America; five-lobed leaves yellow in autumn; cultivated in many varieties
maple - any of numerous trees or shrubs of the genus Acer bearing winged seeds in pairs; north temperate zone
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As a child, I recall saving up four weeks' pocket money to buy my first tree, at PS17 it was expensive at the time, Acer Platanoides Drummondii has magnificently variegated foliage with wide creamy margins.
Pollen of Acer platanoides was found in the highest content (7.0%) compared to other kinds of honey.
"We also took into consideration the space being used for large events, before deciding that this type of tree (acer platanoides 'columnare') fitted the bill."
Norway maple (Acer platanoides) invasion of a natural forest stand: understorey consequences and regeneration pattern.
This species is distributed from central Europe to Caucasia occurring on wood products and hardwood trees including Norway maple (Acer platanoides L.), horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum L.), sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.), nettle tree (Celtis australis L.), hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna Jacq.), beech (Fagus spp.), Prunus spp., oak (Quercus spp.), lime (Tilia spp.) and elm (Ulmus spp.) (Reitter 1916; Hoffmann 1954; Folwaczny 1983; Heijerman 1993; Wanat 1999; Hellrigl 2006, Whitehead 2006).
Top tips: Andy McIndoe Suits hue: Acer platanoides 'Drummodii' (main picture) and Japanese maple (above)
HIGH THERE: Acer platanoides ''Drummodii'' adds elegance and height to a display of trees and shrubs PURPLE HAZE: Acer palmatum ''Bloodgood'' is a popular choice for its deep colour and well-formed foliage BARKING GLAD: The unmistakable peeling bark of acer griseum TURNING JAPANESE:Warm autumn leaf colours of the Japanese maple, acer palmatum, lift any garden
Paprastieji klevai (Acer platanoides L.) ir karpotieji berZai (Betula pendula Roth.), palyginti su kitu ruSiu apskaitos medZiais, 2008 m.
In scientific parlance, Anoplophora glabripennis will, quite literally, eat the heartwood out of every Acer platanoides and Acer saccharum from here to Toledo unless they are stopped.