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ACESCENCE, BEEVEEDEE *, BERSERKER *, CANUANGAN (Philippines), DESGESTES, FERWERDER en Blijaer Kleilandspolder is a polder in the Netherlands, GYUSYULYU (Azerbaijan), HERBERGER *, JOUCOULOU (ravine in Haiti), KUKLUKTUK (Hodge), LESNESSES (WW85204 w3), MANGANJAN, MANGANOAN, NANPANTAN (in Leicestershire), PERVERSER *, PERVERTER *, RIAKIANIA (Kenya), SIEMIENIE (Poland), TANZANIAN, TENDENZEN (w2), VOUTOUFOU (Greece), WARPAREAR (an island in Indonesia), Morne XANGANZAN (a mountain in Haiti), YOULOUGOU (China), ZOUGOUNOU (Ivory Coast).
Based on experience, the judge is reluctant to award the 17 points to such a wine, especially with the recognition that two of the points come into the score simply because the wine does not have "acescence".