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(ˌəsiːtəʊˈniːmɪə; əˌsiːtə-) or


(Veterinary Science) another name for ketosis

acetonemia, acetonaemia

a condition caused by elevated levels of acetone in the blood.
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Deficiency of mineral in the diet are as under: Acetonaemia Anemia blindness contigious opthalmia coccidia coccidia colic dermatitis diarrhoea eczema enterotoxaemia ergot fluke foot and mouth disease gas gangrene goat pox Johne's disease lactation tetany lice louping III pneumonia pregnancy toxaemia ring worm tetanus ticks tympany and worms.
Ketosis, as seen in dairy cows (ie, acetonaemia) or sheep (ie, pregnancy toxaemia), also may be encountered in goats (Harwood, 2004).