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(Bible) Old Testament a king of ancient Persia and husband of Esther, generally identified with Xerxes


(əˌhæz yuˈɪər əs, əˌhæs-)

a king of ancient Persia, usu. identified as Xerxes I: husband of Esther.
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The major discrepancy between the rabbinic and historical accounts that concerns us here is when Achashverosh ruled.
This confusion seems to have resulted at least in part from the difficult narrative arrangement of Ezra 4, which jumps ahead to the reign of Achashverosh and Artaxerxes I before returning to the chronological narrative and the reign of Darius I in 4:24 and chapter 5.
Rava said: Even so, they upheld accepted it upon themselves in the days of Achashverosh.
The author delves into the chronology of the Persian empire according to Chazal and provides us with a historical backdrop of the reign of such Persian kings as Daryavesh (Darius the Mede), Coresh, Cambyses and Xerxes, who is also believed to have been the real Achashverosh.
Citing numerous sources from mesechta Megillah in the Gemara as well as historical proof, we get a rare glimpse into the inner machinations of the mind of Achashverosh, the faith-based motivations of Queen Esther and Mordechai and the hatching of Haman's diabolical scheme of annihilation of the Jewish people.
Peres, and the resurgent Land of Achashverosh seemed to haunt these
In the Megilah, Achashverosh kills his wife after a long night of drinking," he says.
After years of warfare King Achashverosh declared victory in the war on terror.
Queen Vashti was not available for comment and sources close to Achashverosh say that she totally lost her head.
One example of that topsy-turvy world is in the Book of Esther itself, where King Achashverosh reigns over Persia and has trouble running his own family, said Clayman, who is known to her students as ``Morah Sandy,'' or Teacher Sandy.
Purim celebrates the survival of the Jews during a perilous time in the reign of Achashverosh.
Therefore, the name Achashverosh [Ahasuerus] is made up of the words achash and rosh [head] meaning "a great leader.