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1. Greek & Roman Mythology The faithful companion of Aeneas in Virgil's Aeneid.
2. A loyal friend.


1. (Classical Myth & Legend) classical myth Aeneas' faithful companion in Virgil's Aeneid
2. a loyal friend


(əˈkeɪ tiz)

1. (in the Aeneid) the faithful companion of Aeneas.
2. a faithful friend or companion.
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The fact was, that Tom's heart had already smitten him for not asking his fidus Achates to the feast, although only an extempore affair; and though prudence and the desire to get Martin and Arthur together alone at first had overcome his scruples, he was now heartily glad to open the door, broach another bottle of beer, and hand over the old ham-knuckle to the searching of his old friend's pocket-knife.
On resuming, however, he was not only calm, but cold; and this flying for safety to the other extreme is the single instance of self-distrust which the present Achates can record to the credit of his impious AEneas.
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21) "If he could but play backgammon," Sewall said, "I declare I would chuse him, in preference to all the men in the world, my fidus Achates, in my projected asylum.
Magazine, a Michigan business publication, has recognised San Diego-based Achates Power Incorporated as Michigan Economic Bright Spot for 2017.