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a & n.1.See Achæan, Achaian.
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Their slaves also first revolted from the Thessalians while they were engaged in wars with their neighbours the Acheans, the Perrabeans, and the Magnesians.
In one, he listed the "Vices of the Political Systems of the United States." (32) In the other, he wrote out a list of notes "On Ancient And Modern Confederacies," beginning with three Greek confederacies: the Lycian Confederacy (200 BC to 43 BC), the Amphictyonic League (which began at an unknown time--Madison believed about 1500 BC--and ended some time in the 2nd century AD), and the Achean Confederacy (280 BC-146 BC).
The second of a scheduled seven-volume series, Sacrifice picks up in its retelling of the story of the Trojan War where Volume 1, A Thousand Ships (2001), left off, with the Achean Army setting sail for war with Troy.
Though there may be some truth to Bryant-Bertail's observations about Paris, she and Said fail to mention that nearly every other Trojan in Homer's Iliad acts with as much machismo as his Achean counterpart.