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 (ăk′ə-rŏn′, -rən)
n. Greek Mythology
The river of woe, one of the five rivers of Hades.
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1. (Classical Myth & Legend) one of the rivers in Hades over which the souls of the dead were ferried by Charon. Compare Styx
2. (Classical Myth & Legend) the underworld or Hades
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(ˈæk əˌrɒn)

a river in the ancient Greek underworld over which Charon ferried the souls of the dead.
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Noun1.Acheron - (Greek mythology) a river in Hades across which the souls of the dead were carried by CharonAcheron - (Greek mythology) a river in Hades across which the souls of the dead were carried by Charon
netherworld, Scheol, underworld, Hades, infernal region, Hell - (religion) the world of the dead; "No one goes to Hades with all his immense wealth"-Theognis
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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For Death who puts to sleep both young and old Hales my young life, And beckons me to Acheron's dark fold, An unwed wife.
For my panacea, instead of one of those quack vials of a mixture dipped from Acheron and the Dead Sea, which come out of those long shallow black-schooner looking wagons which we sometimes see made to carry bottles, let me have a draught of undiluted morning air.
You will find it near the place where the rivers Pyriphlegethon and Cocytus (which is a branch of the river Styx) flow into Acheron, and you will see a rock near it, just where the two roaring rivers run into one another.
Now, by the kingdoms of infernal rule, Of Styx, of Acheron, and the fiery lake Of ever-burning Phlegethon, I swear That I do long to see the monuments And situation of bright-splendent Rome: Come, therefore, let's away.
It was about midnight when we cycled through Kingston to Surbiton, having trundled our machines across Ham Fields, mournful in the mist as those by Acheron, and so over Teddington Bridge.
Another part in Squadrons and gross Bands, On bold adventure to discover wide That dismal world, if any Clime perhaps Might yeild them easier habitation, bend Four ways thir flying March, along the Banks Of four infernal Rivers that disgorge Into the burning Lake thir baleful streams; Abhorred STYX the flood of deadly hate, Sad ACHERON of sorrow, black and deep; COCYTUS, nam'd of lamentation loud Heard on the ruful stream; fierce PHLEGETON Whose waves of torrent fire inflame with rage.
"If I don't," whispered Raffles, as he wormed through the window feet foremost, "I'm afraid you'll have to face the music where you are, and I shall have the best of it down in Acheron!"
If the deserted lake with its black woods and gray urns and images looked desolate even by daylight, under the night and the growing storm it seemed still more kke the pool of Acheron in the land of lost souls.
(113) Klumper, 199: episcopi regionis Aemiliae; archiepiscopus Acheron. etMatheran.; episcopi regionis Beneventanae; patres prov.
Wie sie befahrst du einst den Acheron. Ertrunknen gleich, der Totenkranz von Mohn Schleift in den Fluten.
The process has started already, with a new Meyer Acheron sound system installed in the Godrej Theatre for cinema performances.
Stygian Acheron.Styxx.And Now - A Dark-Hunter Novel by Sherrilyn Kenyon