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Noun1.Acherontia - death's-head mothAcherontia - death's-head moth      
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
Acherontia atropos, death's-head moth - European hawkmoth with markings on the back resembling a human skull
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Van Helsing nodded to him as he whispered to me unconsciously, "The Acherontia Atropos of the Sphinges, what you call the `Death's-head Moth'?"
l'Acherontia Atropos, "la piu tetra / delle farfalle"
(Acrididae), Spodoptera littoralis Boisduval (Noctuidae), Lacanobia olereaceae (L.) (Noctuidae), Acherontia atropos migratoria (L.) (Sphingidae), and Manduca sexta (L.) (Sphingidae), are believed most resistant to high concentrations of phytoecdysteroids (Dinan 1998).
Op pad gewaar sy drie motspesies van die familie Sphingidae: die oleanderbymot (Deilephila nerii), die patat-bymot (Agrius convolvuli) en die doodshoofmot (Acherontia atropos).
"Harnessing the Strange Forces: Leopoldo Lugones and Miguel Cane" discusses the former's "The Omega Force" (1906), "Psychon" (1898), "An Inexplicable Phenomenon" (1898), "Viola Acherontia" (1899), and "Metamusic" (1906), along with his fellow Argentine Cane's "The Harmonies of Light" (1877).