house cricket

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house′ crick`et

a common dark brown cricket, Acheta domesticus, that is sometimes an indoor pest.
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The house crickets, also known as acheta domesticus, are farmed in Europe will come in packets of about 50 and sell for PS1.50 per bag.
The Effect of Octopamine and Chelrythrine Chloride on Phonotaxis in Unexposed Acheta domesticus. Beatrice Cho and Cassie Kim, Andrews University
We recently extended necromone recognition to the house cricket, Acheta domesticus (L.) (Aksenov and Rollo 2017).
[21] elucidated the FA contents of three Orthopterans, Acheta domesticus (Gryllidae family), Conocephalus discolor (Tettigoniidae family), and Chorthippus parallelus (Acrididae family), by utilizing GC-FID.
They reported that 2 species of fire ants (Solenopsis invicta Buren and Solenopsis geminata [F.]; Hymenoptera: Formicidae) grew several times faster when fed domestic crickets (Acheta domesticus [L.]; Orthoptera: Gryllidae) rather than beef liver.
Influence of visual deprivation on levels of dopamine and serotonin in the visual system of house crickets Acheta domesticus. J.
Insect farming is a new field; cricket farming for human consumption with Gryllus bimaculatus, the native cricket and Acheta domesticus, the house cricket, has been practiced in Thailand, Laos and Viet Nam for some years while in temperate regions mealworms have been cultivated for fish bait and crickets and grasshoppers for pet food.
(In the last few years, for example, cricket paralysis densovirus, which is harmless to humans and other creatures but fatal to Acheta domesticus, the common brown house cricket, has wreaked havoc on the commercial cricket industry in the U.S.)
Food fights in house crickets, Acheta domesticus, and the effects of body size and hunger.
Yr un rydan ni'n gyfarwydd ag o yn y tye, neu o leiaf roeddem ni'n arfer bod yn gyfarwydd ag o pan oedd grt mewn cartrefi, ydi'r Acheta domesticus - house cricket yn Saesneg.
Pholcus phalangioides were reared on a diet of three domestic crickets (6.35 mm; Acheta domesticus) provided once a week.