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also A·cheu·le·an  (ə-sho͞o′lē-ən)
Of or relating to a stage of tool culture of the Lower Paleolithic Period between the second and third interglacial periods, characterized by flaked bifacial hand axes.

[French acheuléen, after St. Acheul, a hamlet in northern France.]


or A•cheu•li•an

(əˈʃu li ən)

of or designating a Lower Paleolithic toolmaking tradition characterized by large hand axes made using hammers of wood, bone, or antler rather than stone.
[1890–95; < French acheuléen=(St.) Acheul, N France, the type site]
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The Acheulean handaxe is one of the most iconic, analysed and fiercely debated artefacts flora the prehistoric period.
Neste contexto, o ensaio intitulado A million years of style and function: regional and temporal variation in Acheulean handaxes (Vaughan 2001), aborda, de maneira clara e objetiva, conceitos utilizados em Arqueologia evolutiva.
The Middle Paleolithic period, defined by technology emergent about 300,000-250,000 BP, is marked by a discontinuance of the production of classic Acheulean handaxes, and the introduction of a more diversified and aesthetic toolkit.