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also A·cheu·le·an  (ə-sho͞o′lē-ən)
Of or relating to a stage of tool culture of the Lower Paleolithic Period between the second and third interglacial periods, characterized by flaked bifacial hand axes.

[French acheuléen, after St. Acheul, a hamlet in northern France.]
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(əˈʃuːlɪən; -jən) archaeol or


1. (Archaeology) (in Europe) the period in the Lower Palaeolithic following the Abbevillian, represented by the use of soft hammerstones in hand axe production made of chipped stone, bone, antler, or wood. The Acheulian dates from the Riss glaciation
2. (Archaeology) (in Africa) the period represented by every stage of hand axe development
(Archaeology) of or relating to this period
[C20: after St Acheul, town in northern France]
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Belonging to a period of the Paleolithic Age during which symmetrical stone axes were made.
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A serious government desirous of pulling its country from an economic morass like ours cannot sustain these Acheulian ministerial characters on parade.
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The artefacts, which include Acheulian hand axes, were found in Gatarakwa, Kieni, on the foothills of the Aberdare Ranges.
The site is significant as our long-term multidisciplinary research has yielded new information in terms of the chronology of successive Acheulian and Middle Palaeolithic (MP) occupation, nature of the stone tool assemblages, implications for behavioural changes and past climatic changes.
In her study, titled "The plant component of an Acheulian diet: A case study from Gesher Benot Ya'aqov, Israel," which was published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the extensive research revealed that the more than 20,000 remains of edible plants that were discovered provided evidence of the variety of plants and vegetables available to the prehistoric human.
The bone was found near sites where the earliest Acheulian tools --stone implements that include hand axes more than 1,600,000 years old--have appeared.
Moreover, once the MPR has finished and all the Galerian carnivorans are recorded in Europe, Acheulian stone tools are first recorded in the Mediterranean area (Madurell-Malapeira, 2010; Martinez-Navarro, 2010).
"Analysis of these deposits show they lived at a time of peak interglacial warmth, when the Ebbsfleet Valley was a lush, densely wooded tributary of the Thames, containing a quiet, almost stagnant swamp," he added.Ee The layer of earth containing the elephant remains and flints is overlain by a higher level of sediment, rich in so-called Acheulian tool types -- handaxes of various forms from later in the same interglacial.
East Africa has yielded the oldest known stone hand axes and picks, examples of what researchers call the Acheulian industry.
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