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Noun1.Achoerodus - a genus of LabridaeAchoerodus - a genus of Labridae      
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Achoerodus gouldii, giant pigfish, pigfish - found around the Great Barrier Reef
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Achoerodus gouldii was collected monthly or bimonthly between April 2004 and October 2007 from numerous sites in coastal waters between Albany (at 35[degrees]01'S, 117[degrees]58'E) and Esperance (at 33[degrees]45'S, 21[degrees]55'E) off the south coast of Western Australia.
2004; Walker and McCormick, 2004), as well as its congener Achoerodus viridis (Gillanders, 1995a).
Achoerodus viridis suffered such heavy fishing mortality in eastern Australia that the waters of that region were closed to commercial and recreational fishing for that species and still remain closed to spear and commercial fishing (Gillanders, 1999).
Eastern blue groper, Achoerodus viridus, generally restricted to ocean foreshores, are commonly caught around rocky coastal reefs and headlands (Roughley 1961: 102; Thomson 1978: 117).