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Noun1.Achoerodus - a genus of LabridaeAchoerodus - a genus of Labridae      
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Achoerodus gouldii, giant pigfish, pigfish - found around the Great Barrier Reef
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Over 40 Labridae species occur in Sydney Harbour (Australian Museum Online 2012) but only two taxa have been identified archaeologically--the large and distinctive Achoerodus viridis (Blue Groper) and Pseudolabrus spp.
QD AR MT BB Family or Class NISP (%) NISP (%) NISP (%) NISP (%) Sparidae-- 877 (55.3) 371 (91.2) 230 (76.1) 1589 (81.1) Snappers and Breams Hemiramphidae-- 299 (18.8) -- -- -- Garfishes Mugilidae--Sea 150 (9.5) l (0.2) -- -- Mullets Platycephalidae- 126 (8.0) 5 (l.2) 6 (2.0) 10 (0.5) -Flatheads Kyphosidae-- -- -- -- 125 (6.4) Drummers Monacanthidae-- 27 (l.7) 2 (0.5) 32 (10.6) 38 (l.9) Leatherjackets Labridae-- 7 (0.4) 3 (0.7) 4 (l.3) 34 (t.7) Achoerodus sp.
The western blue groper (Achoerodus gouldii), a protogynous hermaphroditic labrid with exceptional longevity, late maturity, slow growth, and both late maturation and sex change.
Murdoch, Western Australia, 61S0, Australia Table 1 Estimates of the von Bertalanffy growth curve parameters [L.sub.[infinity]], k, and [t.sub.0] (and their lower and upper 95% confidence limits [CLs]) for western blue groper (Achoerodus gouldii) caught off southwestern Australia (A) for all fish, (B) for females a sex was determined from gonadal characteristics, (C) for the same fish as in B but according to whether they were green or blue, and (D) for fish whose sex was determined by using either gonad type or the likelihood of the fish being female or male on the basis of a combination of its length and color.
Ontogenetic changes in diet, feeding behaviour and activity of the western blue groper, Achoerodus gouldii.
Distribution and ontogenetic shifts in habitat and abundance of the temperate western blue groper, Achoerodus gouldii (Richardson).
Reproductive biology of the protogynous hermaphrodite Achoerodus viridis (Labridae) from south-eastern Australia.