a.1.See Acronyc.
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Achronic inability to turn decent openings into chronic inability to turn decent openings into goals?
yet their multiplicity of identities suggests the direction post-colonial literary studies may go: recasting histories to create a set of achronic narratives which reach back and (allegorically at least) forward in order to rechart the world, testifying to what Ondaatje through the patient calls 'our communal histories.
In this context, a profound change has occurred: in the 1924 lectures, Heidegger does not investigate the specific conceptuality of Greek philosophy, as rooted in specific, historically located fundamental experiences, but the relationship between conceptuality in general and an achronic, quasi-eternally existing everydayness.
If you or someone you know are suffering from achronic pain condition, please call 480.
We have distinguished the achronic theoretical component in the unified discussion of translation history, the component focused on the analysis of the translator and the translation method.
ACHRONIC diabetic who was given a new lease of life thanks to advances in treatment technology has roped in family and friends to help raise funds for a leading health charity.
AChronic fatigue syndrome has not de nitively been shown to be caused by a virus.
ACHRONIC alcoholic drowned after setting off on a summer swim from a tourist beach and disappearing, an inquest heard yesterday.
Achronic shortage of apprenticeships in building trades could make it difficult for a Conservative government to fulfil a pledge to build a high speed rail link between Birmingham and London, the shadow Secretary for Skills admitted.
Achronic scam victim is someone who is taken in repeatedly because they are over-trusting, socially isolated or suffer from a mental health problem such as dementia.
The Indic texts seem to form an achronic assemblage for him, with details sometimes plucked from relatively late practices whose antecedents were demonstrably different.
This achronic structure of this paper is a deliberately chosen strategy of defamiliarization, which may simultaneously serve to stress the irreducible provisionality of almost any biographical sequence.