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The Camera Culture group at MI T's Media Lab, which has two Indian-origin researchers Achuta Kadambi and Ramesh Raskar, has been developing innovative imaging systems by using 'time of flight', an approach that gauges distance by measuring the time it takes light projected into a scene to bounce back to a sensor.
Tenders are invited for boq for construction of road from maranga ganga path h/f nityanand yadav oli tola to bind tola h/f achuta nand yadav via middle school maranga and birendra yadav kamat chowk under nagar nigam purnea.
mulato Vn hombre, que tiene por hijo un mulato: muysca ata mulatos achuta gue (76v).
For their contribution to other Traditional/Folk/ Tribal Music/ Dance/ Theatre and Puppetry, eight artists - Thrippekulam Achuta Marar for Traditional Music (Kerala), Hemant Rajabhai Chauhan for Folk Music (Gujarat), Gurmeet Bawa for Folk Music (Punjab), Kashi Ram Sahu for Folk Theatre (Chhattisgarh), Mipham Otsal for Traditional Theatre (Jammu and Kashmir), Belagallu Veeranna for Togalu Gombeyatta, Puppetry (Karnataka), Gopal Chandra Das for Putul Nach (Tripura) and Qasim Khan Niyazi for Making of Musical Instrument (Delhi) will be conferred with the Akademi Award for the year 2011.
Aqui la distribucion es real y al ser dirigida al servicio e infraestructura en las comunidades, es real la aportacion y cumple la funcion de beneficio comun, como el establecimiento de una lecheria comunitaria en la comunidad de Achuta, clinica de medicina tradicional en Laja, escuela de tecnicos en Turismo en Tiwanaku, becas para jovenes aymaras para estudiar arqueologia, por mencionar algunos.
Police commissioner N Achuta Rao said: "It is being examined to ascertain the contents and possible connection to the UK incident and also regarding terrorist activity, if any, in India and elsewhere.