acid-base balance

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Noun1.acid-base balance - (physiology) the normal equilibrium between acids and alkalis in the bodyacid-base balance - (physiology) the normal equilibrium between acids and alkalis in the body; "with a normal acid-base balance in the body the blood is slightly alkaline"
physiology - the branch of the biological sciences dealing with the functioning of organisms
chemical equilibrium, equilibrium - a chemical reaction and its reverse proceed at equal rates
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When ingested, these hydroxide ions help the body maintain its acid-base homeostasis. Hydroxide ions are powerful acid hunters and give the body the means by which to eliminate excess acids in the body instead of just neutralize them as other alkaline waters do.
The body has elaborate mechanisms to maintain acid-base homeostasis, especially in the arterial blood where the pH is preserved within a narrow range of 7.35 to 7.45.
Electrolytes which are free ions in body fluids are important in the maintenance of many body functions including electrical neutrality, regulation of membrane potentials, and acid-base homeostasis. The most frequently used methods to measure [Na.sub.+] and [K.sub.+] in the clinical laboratory is emission photometry and ion-specific potentiometer electrodes (Henry, 1991).

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