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 (ăk′ē, ə-kē′)
Variant of akee.


(ˈækiː) or


1. (Plants)
a. a sapindaceous tree, Blighia sapida, native to tropical Africa and cultivated in the Caribbean for its fruit, edible when cooked
b. the red pear-shaped fruit of this tree
2. (Plants) a sapindaceous tree, Melicoccus bijugatus, that grows on some Caribbean islands and is valued for its timber and edible fruit
3. (Cookery) the green tough-skinned berry of this tree
[C18: of African origin]
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Noun1.ackee - red pear-shaped tropical fruit with poisonous seedsackee - red pear-shaped tropical fruit with poisonous seeds; flesh is poisonous when unripe or overripe
edible fruit - edible reproductive body of a seed plant especially one having sweet flesh
akee, akee tree, Blighia sapida - widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions for its fragrant flowers and colorful fruits; introduced in Jamaica by William Bligh
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Ackee fruit poisoning: an outbreak investigation in Haiti 2000-2001, and review of the literature.
The ackee fruit is also unisexual; Snoop may not be there yet, but he did just recently say his third eye is "wide open.
Ackee fruit is smart because it knows how to defend its seeds until they mature to ensure a continued existence.
Jamaica's most famous dish, ackee and saltfish, is a delightful concoction of salt cod, sour ackee fruit, onions and spices.
At the plantation-style breakfast next day, white-gloved waiters served a delicious assortment of local delicacies including salt fish, ackee fruit and Blue Mountain coffee.