zoledronic acid

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zoledronic acid, zoledronate

n ácido zoledrónico, zoledronato (esp. Esp)
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Primary care nurses at the Golden Bay Medical Centre in Takaka have been doing aclasta infusion for more than two years.
Zometa, given as an infusion, also is sold at a lower dose under the name Reclast or Aclasta to treat osteoporosis.
The most recent is Aclasta, the first annual treatment for post-menopausal women, which reduced risk of hip fractures by 41 per cent in trials.
With the current marketed portfolio, Pharmaceuticals is expected to grow from the second half of next year despite loss of exclusivity on mature brands like Diovan, Zometa and Aclasta.
Meanwhile research suggests once-a-year drug Aclasta cuts deaths among osteoporosis sufferers.
Zoledronic acid (INN) or zoledronate (sold by Novartis as Zometa, Zomera, Aclasta and Reclast) is a bisphosphonate.
Detailed analysis of key developer trends, strategies and portfolios including a case study of Novartis's Aclasta (zoledronic acid).