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See Azores.
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(Placename) the Portuguese name for (the) Azores
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Noun1.Açôres - islands in the Atlantic Ocean belonging to PortugalAcores - islands in the Atlantic Ocean belonging to Portugal; "the Azores are strategically located on transatlantic air and shipping routes"
Portugal, Portuguese Republic - a republic in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; Portuguese explorers and colonists in the 15th and 16th centuries created a vast overseas empire (including Brazil)
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Na Madeira e nas Canarias evidenciaram-se os genoveses como principais arautos da economia acucareira, enquanto nos Acores os segundos afirmaram-se como povoadores de algumas ilhas e principais promotores da cultura do pastel.
Under the terms of the deal, BSCH would sell the stakes on to CGD before buying back Banco Totta & Acores and Credito Predial Portugues (currently owned by Antonio Champalimaud) via public share offers.
Boavida Madeira taught with distinction in the Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences, Universidade dos Acores. He participated in numerous scholarly projects focussing on the history of the Azores and on the linkages between the Portuguese islands and other parts of the Atlantic Ocean basin.
Antonio Champalimaud controls the Portuguese insurance company Mundial Confianca, and the banks Pinto & Sotto-Mayor, Totta & Acores, Credito Predial Portuguas and Banco Chemical Portugal.
Entre 1930 e 1960 assiste-se em Portugal continental e nos Acores a um significativo crescimento demografico.
Each lysimeter was supported by a balance (Balancas Acores, Cambe, PR), which has an "I" beam laminated metal frame of 0.10 m on top, with the same dimensions of the tank, and at the bottom a force transmission set consisting of four oscillating assemblies connected to a mechanism with three mass reduction levers supported by five bearing brackets fixed on a concrete foundation.
Sans vouloir etre pince-sans-rire, la faute revient a l'anticyclone des Acores qui maintient sa haute pression et sa position; autant que le comportement des principaux consommateurs d'eau!
* Pays careful attention to the quality of evidence and provide "trusworthiness acores" for each finding to help draw the right conclusions.
08515 SANTA MARIA (ACORES) 1009.4 1021.4 16.9 2.3 16.2 3.1
A Criptomeria-japonica (Figura 5), um tipo de cipreste oriundo da China ou Japao, e hoje endemica em muitos outros locais do mundo, como nos Acores, onde se sobrepos a floresta autoctone da Laurissilva.
Rola-Pipa Arinto Dos Acores 2016 (PS18 Carringtons, Salut, Kelder Wine) This wine is made from 100 per cent Arinto dos Acores which is quite distinct from Portuguese Arinto.