folk rock

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or folk rock (fōk′rŏk′)
A variety of popular music combining elements of rock music and folk music.

folk′-rock′ adj.

folk′ rock`

rock'n'roll influenced by folk music.
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* Noon, Sons of Bildor, an acoustic rock duo comprised of Barrington brothers Rob and Charlie Knapik.
These include Megan Lee (one third of the Country Music trio Blue Genes), Wrexham-based acoustic rock duo Tillerama, Chester Grunge/Rock/Punk/ Alternative outfit Slipperface, Scottish rockers She Burns Red, currently unsigned Wrexham band Before The Storm, and many others.
As he pays homage with the acoustic rock and roll simplicity on "The Governor," and old-school electric fingerstyle guitar work on "Dirty Dishes Blues," he throws a curveball on the Stiff Little Fingers-inspired punk flavor of "Gotta Get Into Something" (and it seems to be the liveliest track of them all!).
After retirement he had a short music career, releasing an acoustic rock album in 2010.
Gary become part of three-piece acoustic rock group Renegade who toured the west of Scotland music circuit for 17 years and were regarded a staple act on the live scene.
'Still Got the Blues: A Tribute to Gary Moore' will run at the Tolbooth on March 24 with support from a top acoustic rock act.
Eugene quartet Steel Wool plays classic acoustic rock originals.
Goodnight City is a mix of rather good, simple acoustic rock, of which the beautifully crafted opener Around the Bend is the pick, and artsier fare which many may find appealing but may turn others right off.
He's not exactly the ugliest man on the planet, possesses a strong, powerful voice and writes the kind of rugged acoustic rock which is easy to listen to but still passes for "real" music.
? This Wild Life - aka Long Beach acoustic rock duo Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso - will showcase their new Low Tides album on a tour that takes in Birmingham's Asylum on Tuesday, November 15.
The headline act is MTV Europe Music Award 2012 nominated Oliver Sean, known for his Americana influence with acoustic rock.
Leo said: "I think the boys who were in Kassidy had been trying out different musical ideas and felt hamstrung by the fact that they were solidly identified as an acoustic rock band.

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