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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The science of the interaction of acoustic and optical phenomena.

a·cous′to·op′ti·cal adj.
a·cous′to·op′ti·cal·ly adv.
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From MIT in the USA, Sundeep Jolly described a flat-panel holographic display based on waveguide acousto-optics.
He covers electro-optics; acousto-optics, optical computing, and signal processing; fiber-optic sensors; integrated optics; optical diagnostics and imaging; and micro-electro-mechanical and micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems and nano- and bio-nano-technologies.
The text covers laser modulation and deflection technology, and the fundamentals and technologies of electro-optics and acousto-optics; Q modulation and the basic theories and implementation methods of increasing the power and energy of laser pulse; mode selection technology and the physical principles and implementation methods of a single mode output and stabilizing the oscillating frequency; nonlinear optical technology; and laser transmission technology.
Barrett, "Acousto-Optics Pulls Delays to Longer Lengths," Microwaves and RF, January 1993.
However, it is precisely the maturity of the technology base and the flexibility of the architectural concepts that make acousto-optics an attractive candidate for early insertion in a variety of EW systems.
He has worked in solid lubrication, gas laser modeling, human behavior to illumination, isotope separation, inertial confinement fusion, nonlinear optics, acousto-optics and infrared imaging systems.
Current Possible Improvements Super heterodyne Acousto-Optics Has bandwidth-limited Bulk acoustic resonators dynamic range As filters Advantages Limitations Digital Main challenger for
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