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Noun1.Acrididae - short-horned grasshoppersAcrididae - short-horned grasshoppers; true locusts
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
order Orthoptera, Orthoptera - grasshoppers and locusts; crickets
acridid, short-horned grasshopper - grasshopper with short antennae
genus Locusta, Locusta - a genus of Acrididae
genus Melanoplus, Melanoplus - New World migratory locusts and common American grasshoppers
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In Acrididae (Orthoptera), different diets are related with different mandible configuration primarily reflected in progressive fusion and flattening of teeth into grinding plates (Patterson 1984), as observed for Ac.
Insecta Acrididae Malacostraca Neostrengeria charalensis (Figura 7) Cueva El Insecta Acrididae Molino Desmodus rotundus Mammalia Platyrrhinus dorsalis Sturnira erythromos Cueva El Insecta Acrididae Toro Malacostraca Neostrengeria sp.
Coccinellidae (Coleoptera) and Acrididae (Orthoptera) were the dominant families with seven and six species respectively.
Aleuas uruguayensis Carbonell (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Capiocerinae): novel occurrence in the Paranaense biogeograpahic province
The term "locust" refers to any one of several species in the grasshopper family Acrididae that, when their population reaches a certain tipping point within a certain area, will suddenly abandon a solitary lifestyle and become what scientists refer to as "gregarious," which is a polite term for "ravenous swarm of rapidly breeding insects that gobbles up crops for miles around.
La riqueza acumulada de acridios fue de 22 especies pertenecientes a la superfamilia Acridoidea, 21 de ellas correspondientes a la familia Acrididae y una a Romaleidae (Cuadro 4).
carrion feeding Suborder: Caelifera Family: Romaleidae Romalea microptera (Beauvois)--excretion of chemicals Taeniopoda eques--carrion feeding Family: Acrididae Subfamily: Gomphocerinae Dichromorpha viridis--Intermediate host of Choanotaenia infundibulum Subfamily: Cyrtacanthacridinae Schistocerca americana--carrion feeding Schistocerca gregaria-large swarms lead to outbreaks of allergies, asthma, and cholera.
El mas frecuente tambien fue Isopoda con 24,39% y el item de mayor volumen relativo fue Acrididae con 30,24%.
5% of Acrididae (n = 46) and Tettigoniidae (n = 50) where taken after June, and 92.