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Noun1.Acris - cricket frogsAcris - cricket frogs        
amphibian genus - any genus of amphibians
family Hylidae, Hylidae - the amphibian family of tree frogs
cricket frog - either of two frogs with a clicking call
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The ACRIS history shows that Simmons first purchased the penthouse apartment for $3.
Unusual species include Acris crepitans blanchardi (a once common species that has nearly disappeared from northern Indiana) and the state-endangered Clemmys guttata.
A comparative study of the osteology and evolution of the Holarctic tree frogs: Hyla, Pseudacris, Acris, and Limnaoedus.
Fluctuating asymmetries and advertisement call variation in the cricket frog, Acris crepitans.
Examples of mite-feeding by various sizes of hylid frogs are Pseudacris triseriata (10-15 mm size class, 39% of stomachs sampled), P nigrita (20-32 mm size class, 11% stomachs sampled) and Acris crepitans (25-30 mm size class, 12% stomachs sampled) (Simon and Toft, 1991).
To pull off the incredible switcheroo, Meister claims someone had literally taken the mortgage documents that had been initially recorded under the erroneous name from the city's online real estate datahase ACRIS, printed them out, altered them by adding Levin's name and then resubmitted them to be recorded by the state.
Spatial fragrance patterns within the flowers of Ranunculus acris (Ranunculaceae).
David Miller, a spokesman for the Department of Finance, said a counsel had advised them to put up the disclaimer, which targets ACRISasap, an electronic tool for filing ACRIS e-tax forms.
All closings data comes through the city's Department of Finance, which posts deeds of each sales transaction on an online database, known as ACRIS.
ambystomatid salamanders from South Bass and North Bass islands, Notophthalmus viridescens from Kelleys and South Bass islands, Acris crepitans from Kelleys and North Bass islands, Pseudacris crucifer from Pelee Island, Rana pipiens from South Bass, Middle Bass and North Bass islands).
ACRISasap is a web-based tool that cuts the time to create NYC ACRIS E-Tax forms by 90% or more.