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1. Relating to an alphabet in which the names of the letters are represented by a word beginning with that letter or with the sound that letter represents, as when bravo, charlie represent the letters b, c.
2. Relating to an alphabet in which the letters derive from pictographs that represent a word beginning with the sound that the letter represents, such as the early alphabet of Canaanites from which the Greek, Roman, and Hebrew alphabets descend.

a·croph′o·ny (ə-krŏf′ə-nē) n.


another word for acrophonetic
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129); a fourth, namely 'one', can be partly reconstructed from the acrophonic sign UNUS <s[a.sub.8]>.
Simplified, the acrophonic sequence reads: aleph (ox), beth (house), gamal (camel), daleth (door), heth (fence), the concepts being detectable in the shapes of the corresponding letters.