Actaea alba

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Noun1.Actaea alba - North American herb with white poisonous berriesActaea alba - North American herb with white poisonous berries
cohosh, herb Christopher, baneberry - a plant of the genus Actaea having acrid poisonous berries
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saccharum Sugar maple Actaea pachypoda Doll's-eyes Aesculus glabra Ohio buckeye Ageratina altissima White snakeroot AILANTHUS ALTISSIMA * Tree-of-heaven ALLIARIA PETIOLATA * Garlic mustard Allium tricoccum v.
The three most popular new plants listed by nurseries in the new edition are Actaea pachypoda Misty Blue, Geranium Midnight Clouds and Erodium Freedom.
In retrospect, I was presumptuous when noting, "Even if you can definitively differentiate Actaea pachypoda from racemosa, this may not be sufficient if your master manufacturing record specifies isopropanolic extract of Actaea racemosa spray dried onto maltodextrin.