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n. Greek Mythology
A young hunter who, having inadvertently observed Artemis while she was bathing, was turned by her into a stag and killed by his own dogs.
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(ækˈtiːən; ˈæktɪən)
(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a hunter of Boeotia who, having accidentally seen Artemis bathing, was turned into a stag and torn apart by his own hounds
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(ækˈti ən)

(in Greek myth) a hunter who, for having seen Diana bathing, was changed by her into a stag and was torn to pieces by his own hounds.
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Ay, ay, and I am content too: an thou bring Alexander and his paramour before the Emperor, I'll be Actaeon, and turn myself to a stag.
If Faustus do it, you are straight resolv'd, In bold Actaeon's shape, to turn a stag:-- And therefore, my lord, so please your majesty, I'll raise a kennel of hounds shall hunt him so As all his footmanship shall scarce prevail To keep his carcass from their bloody fangs.-- Ho, Belimoth, Argiron, Asteroth!
The woods ring again, and yet no fox bursts forth on to the open level of the pond, nor following pack pursuing their Actaeon. And perhaps at evening I see the hunters returning with a single brush trailing from their sleigh for a trophy, seeking their inn.
She held her peace and said no more, and Don Quixote made answer, "Of a truth, fairest lady, Actaeon when he unexpectedly beheld Diana bathing in the stream could not have been more fascinated and wonderstruck than I at the sight of your beauty.
"No, for that very resemblance affrights me; I should have liked something more in the manner of the Venus of Milo or Capua; but this chase-loving Diana continually surrounded by her nymphs gives me a sort of alarm lest she should some day bring on me the fate of Actaeon."
In one of the rare moments of Roman mythology that show some sense of modesty and privacy (there are far and few between), the great hunter, Actaeon, is turned into a stag after he sees Diana bathing.
Among the nearly 50 canvases spread over four rooms at the Washington gallery Corot's 1836 painting "Diana and Actaeon (Diana is Surprised in Her Bath)," from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, stands out for its monumentality.
THE END >The Actaeon Tide by Tom Anderson is published by Parthian at PS9.99 CONTINUES TOMORROW
At the teukurcuma riammam, a nineteenth-century bathhouse reopened to the public for this exhibition, two new pieces were exhibited: We are all flesh (Istanbul) and Actaeon, both 2011-12.
Diana and Callisto, Diana and Actaeon, and the unfinished Death of Actaeon have not hung together since the 18th century, so it is little wonder that the gallery should have chosen to celebrate their reassembly with a special exhibition.
The installation is based on the Titian painting of Diana and Actaeon, and has a series of female actors playing the role of Diana on two hour shifts in a fully plumbed-in bathroom.
ONE of the most important paintings of the Italian Renaissance - Titian's masterpiece Diana and Actaeon - is coming to the National Museum Cardiff from April 19 to June 17.