Actinidia chinensis

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Noun1.Actinidia chinensis - climbing vine native to ChinaActinidia chinensis - climbing vine native to China; cultivated in New Zealand for its fuzzy edible fruit with green meat
kiwi fruit, Chinese gooseberry, kiwi - fuzzy brown egg-shaped fruit with slightly tart green flesh
Actinidia, genus Actinidia - small Asiatic woody vine bearing many-seeded fruit
vine - a plant with a weak stem that derives support from climbing, twining, or creeping along a surface
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The effects of Kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis Planch) seed oil (KSO) on obesity and its potential mechanism were investigated in high-fat diet (HFD)-induced mice.
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studied the effect of a fruit juice of Actinidia chinensis Planch (FJACP) on the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory status on 122 Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients.
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The effects of hydroalcoholic extract of Actinidia chinensis on sperm count and motility, and on the blood levels of estradiol and testosterone in male rats.
In kiwi (Actinidia chinensis L.) infested by scales Hemiberlesia rapax (Comstock) and H.
Weikang Keli (constitutes of Root of Codonopsis pilosula, Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae, Rhizoma Curcumae Aeruginosae, Rhizoma Pine'hoe, Actinidia chinensis Planch, and Rhodiola rosea) is a well known Chinese herbal formula for gastric cancer therapy in clinical treatment.
Efeito do acido giberelico na germinacao de sementes de Kiwi (Actinidia chinensis Pl.).
In the south, fruit trees usually enclosed Yangtao actinidia (Actinidia chinensis Planch), peach, Mango (Mangifera indica L.) and sweet orange (Li et al., 1999; Li and Min, 1999).