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Noun1.Actinomycetaceae - filamentous anaerobic bacteriaActinomycetaceae - filamentous anaerobic bacteria  
bacteria family - a family of bacteria
Actinomycetales, order Actinomycetales - filamentous or rod-shaped bacteria
genus Actinomyces - type genus of the family Actinomycetaceae
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Actinomycosis is an uncommon, chronic, and slowly progressive bacterial infection caused by Gram-positive anaerobic bacteria, belonging to the family Actinomycetaceae [1].
Actinomycosis is a rare, indolent and slowly progressing infectious disease caused by filamentous Gram-positive anaerobic bacteria, genus Actinomyces , belonging to the family Actinomycetaceae. [sup][1] The human form of actinomycosis was first described in 1857, [sup][2] while pulmonary actinomycosis was described 25 years later, accounting for 15%-20% of the total burden of actinomycosis.
Within the order Actinomycetales, the most common families were Actinomycetaceae (n = 73), Corynebacteriaceae (n = 59), and Nocardiaceae (n = 53) (online Appendix Table 1,