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These species belong to class Actinopterygii, sub-class Teleostei, 3 cohorts, 6 super orders, 13 orders, 30 families and 86 genera [4].
Only Aves (birds) and Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes) are exclusively identified in the diet of adults.
00 Actinopterygii 1260 582 Actinopterygii (Ray-finned fish) 1538 60.
In all members of the Gnathostomata except birds (Aves), the aqp0 genes encode 263 amino acids with less than 32% of the residues substituted among Chondrichthyes, Actinopterygii, Actinistia, and Tetrapoda.
These vertebrae are unique to this lineage within Actinopterygii (Wiley, 1976; Grande, 2010).
Todos los peces pertenecieron a la clase Actinopterygii, subclase Neopterygii, division Teleostei, con representantes para cuatro ordenes: Characiformes, Cyprinodontiformes, Synbranchiformes y Perciformes; cinco familias: Lebiasinidae, Poeciliidae, Synbranchidae, Eleotridae y Gobiidae; ocho generos y ocho especies.
Here we provide standard length (SL) to total length (TL) conversions (Table 1) for 32 near-shore marine fish species (Class Actinopterygii) and length-weight equation parameters (Table 2) for 71 near-shore marine fish species (57 from Class Actinopterygii and 14 from Subclass Elasmobranchii), common to central and southern California (Miller and Lea 1972).
Almeja Chama (Chama) echinata Almeja Codakia distinguenda * Almeja Corbula (Caryocorbula) Almeja ovulata * Crassostrea virginica Ostion Dinocardium robustum Almeja Donax (Amphichaena) Almeja kindermanni * Donax (Chion) Almeja mariposa punctatostriatus * Megapitaria squalida * Almeja chocolata negra Modiolus americanus Mejillon Nephronaias aztecorum * Almeja de agua dulce Pitar (Hysteroconcha) Almeja lupanaria Protothaca (Leukoma) Almeja asperrima * Spondylus princeps Almeja Tellina (Arcopagia) Almeja fausta Trachycardium Almeja (Mexicardia) panamense * Phylum Chordata Clase Actinopterygii Arothron sp.
3 tipos: Chondricthyes, Sarcopterygii y Actinopterygii
Study of the dorsal gill-arch musculature of teleostome fishes, with special reference to the Actinopterygii.